About The Dahl House

The Dahl House prides itself on its well-deserved reputation for extraordinary animal care and outstanding customer service. We recognize that our pets are members of our family and entrusting their care to a boarding facility is difficult for some. With that in mind, our facility has been designed with pet security and comfort as our first priority. Individual accommodations are constructed of surgical grade stainless steel and “satin finished” 1-inch chain link designed in a manner so that there can be no cross contamination or interaction between pets. All quarters are indoor-outdoor allowing pets free access to the outdoor portion of their area with both in and outdoor areas fully covered to prevent any possibility of escape. Outdoor run areas are also under roof in case of inclement weather. All exterior areas are double secured by chain link and perimeter privacy fencing.

Climate is comfort controlled with a heating, cooling and specially designed ventilation and air circulating system that maintains constant temperature control and disease prevention. This system includes heated floors throughout the indoor accommodations. These floors are greatly appreciated by our older visitors.

All wall surfaces are of a medical quality glass board as in most modern medical facilities. This surface facilitates easy, efficient sanitation ensuring your pet's health and comfort during its stay.

The kennel was specifically designed to guarantee security, comfort and flow allowing the staff the best opportunity to interact with the pets in a positive, fun atmosphere while performing the daily tasks of feeding, medicating, cleaning and exercising with their charges.

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